Friday, January 30, 2009


I will be going for a short, easy ski somewhere Saturday around 10, probably not at Wirth (Battle Creek most likely). If you are interested in coming, email me. We won't have a van so the first three people to confirm attendance get to go. Call (7817101558) or email to confirm.

We'll be back by the end of brunchtime.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monday Jan 26

Here's the deal:

Please come to a meeting at 4:30, whether you plan on skiing or not. We'll meet in the foyer of the athletic center. If you have class and are a few minutes late, no worries. If you can't make it, also no worries. If you plan to ski, bring skate or classic skis, whatever you fancy. Both should be good.

I'm not sure exactly about transportation for tomorrow. I'll try to arrange for a van by the time we are going somewhere. This may or may not work. If it doesn't, I can take people in my car (might be cramped) and perhaps grab an HOURCAR for us as a last resort. We'll take a rather easy day tomorrow, maybe just a couple laps of Como, depending on traffic. We'll be back by 6:30 most likely, 7:00 if no one skiing has evening class.

To answer a few more questions which have popped up:

• We do have a place to wax. I'll try to get it set up this week. If someone has some free time during the day I'm sure that you can be of help doing this.
• It sounds like there is interest in some morning skiing. MWF mornings sound the most plausible. Plan this week on 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday to Wirth or Battle Creek. If there is a van driver amongst you who comes along and we go to Battle Creek and you can drop me at work on the way back I will love you forever.
• There should be a van driver training at some point in the next couple weeks. If you are 19 and have a relatively clean driving record, please do this. It makes everyone's life easier.
• It'll be pretty warm tomorrow (for those of you who have been in Minnesota) and pretty cold for others. Dress in layers if you aren't adapted to it.

See you tomorrow.



Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome back. Dress warm. Bring skis.

We'll hit the trails on Monday. Skiing is outstanding—it hasn't been above freezing since December. I'd dare to say I've never seen it better.

Sunday: Long ski At 10:00 or 11:00 or noon or so. Somewhere fun (Murphy is calling). Call/email me if interested.
Monday: 4:45 departure from field house for ski trails. Bring skis.