Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yup, it's time. I'll be skiing every day this week. Call 7817101558 or email if you want to join me...

Skinnyski trail reports


Battle Creek Regional Park - Winthrop Street (Saint Paul):
Conditions: Rolled with pretty good coverage on bottom.
Coverage was pretty good actually. A few thin spots... a couple of which weren't really avoidable. It has been rolled. No tracks set. I used my good skis which was probably a mistake...it can be done, but be careful

Como Regional Park and Golf Course (Saint Paul):
Conditions: Fairly firm, well groomed except for the usual trouble spot under the bridge. Not enough snow for a classic track.
Stop 1 of 5, this one was the best. Como was well groomed and surprisingly firm...nice job St. Paul!

[For those of you not in the know, Como usually has crappy grooming. Perhaps this is a new leaf turned over]

Hyland Lake Park Reserve (Bloomington):
Conditions: Rollpacked, good 3-4" base, fairly firm.
Stop 4 of 5, beautiful early season Hyland skiing. They had the trail well packed and fairly firm, although I thought Como was a little better (but Hyland had a little more snow)

Bruce didn't make it to Terrace Oaks but I am going tonight to check it out...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Skiing in to break...

For this week:

1. If you have skis, get them scraped and waxed. We'll discuss at the meeting tomorrow (7:30) where and how to do that.
2. I'll plan on skiing at Elm Creek at least once this week. Probably Thursday. Leave at 6:00 back by 9:00. Striding is probably best as they'll have solid tracks there and hopefully have the whole 2.5k course open.
3. I may also ski Wednesday morning (Elm Creek or Hyland) if there is interest.
4. Next weekend is the Breadsmith-Hoigaards relays at Hyland. Saturday morning, and if you don't drink Friday night it's not so bad. The race is a 2.5k relay with teams of two so you each ski 2.5k twice. Think of it as a good interval session. It's fun, fast and close and suggested if you don't have finals looming.
5. We'll also discuss vacation skiing at some point tomorrow.

See you tomorrow. Someone (me perhaps) will be running 4:45 today and tomorrow. Not quite enough snow to ski (although Como might work if you are desperate).