Monday, September 22, 2008


hi skiers,

I will be spending some time in the Len Cen this afternoon and encourage people to come if they can. After class at 2:15 I may be lifting weights if Charlie thinks he will be doing so today (?). If not, I will either be going on a short run or doing some non-intensive cardio in the gym (note, I am recovering from mono and will be practicing somewhat on a reduced level until I get back into the swing of things). Then I have yoga from 3:30-4:40. Afterwards, I might either do some weights or cardio depending on what I got done before yoga.

Sorry this is not a concrete plan, but if you come over to the Len Cen monday, wednesday, or friday afternoon this week, hopefully you will run into Charlie and/or I if you would like to workout with others.


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