Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yup, it's time. I'll be skiing every day this week. Call 7817101558 or email if you want to join me...

Skinnyski trail reports


Battle Creek Regional Park - Winthrop Street (Saint Paul):
Conditions: Rolled with pretty good coverage on bottom.
Coverage was pretty good actually. A few thin spots... a couple of which weren't really avoidable. It has been rolled. No tracks set. I used my good skis which was probably a mistake...it can be done, but be careful

Como Regional Park and Golf Course (Saint Paul):
Conditions: Fairly firm, well groomed except for the usual trouble spot under the bridge. Not enough snow for a classic track.
Stop 1 of 5, this one was the best. Como was well groomed and surprisingly firm...nice job St. Paul!

[For those of you not in the know, Como usually has crappy grooming. Perhaps this is a new leaf turned over]

Hyland Lake Park Reserve (Bloomington):
Conditions: Rollpacked, good 3-4" base, fairly firm.
Stop 4 of 5, beautiful early season Hyland skiing. They had the trail well packed and fairly firm, although I thought Como was a little better (but Hyland had a little more snow)

Bruce didn't make it to Terrace Oaks but I am going tonight to check it out...

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