Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holy Cow! Bjorn Daehlie to ski Birkie

For serious.

If you train real hard you can ski with him. Hah probably not. But this is pretty damn cool.

If you don't know Bjorn, he might well be the best athlete ever. 12 olympic medals including 8 golds. And he was measured out of season as having a VO2max of 96. It's quite possible he was over 100 in season. The highest evuh. Yeah he's good.

Come to practice, too! 4:45 every day. And you could grow up to be Bjorn Daehlie. (Okay probably not because if any of your VO2Maxes are over 100 you really need to be in an olympic training program in skiing or cycling or maybe running or rowing.)

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