Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 6-10 practice schedule

EVERY DAY, we will leave at 4:45. Practice leaders TBA (I have a pretty nasty cold so might not be in much of running shape until Wednesday or so). Bring running shoes — we'll talk about rollerskiing soon.

Meet in the lobby of the Leonard Center (or if it is a real nice day, outside). We'll return no later than 6:30, so that if you have 7:00 commitments you'll have enough time for dinner. If you need to get back earlier, just ask, and we'll either run shorter or I can have you turn back.

If you have any questions, please email me on my gmail account; my username is ari.ofsevit.

See you this week. If it's drizzly we'll run, if it is pouring or something we now have a nice indoor track and weight room.


Monday: 4 mile run (or more, at least run down to the river on Summit, down to St Clair, and back to campus) with three to five 20-30 second pickups (faster running/sprinting). (Update: I will be continuing recuperation and will not attend.)
Tuesday-Thursday: Charlie Cosimini will be helping to lead practice. I intend to come to at least one of these sessions. I'll talk to him about it.
Friday: Practice with me at 4:45. We'll do something funnish and not too hard.

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